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Global Review on UNACCC

Ankur Singh Solanki

Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate at District And Sessions Court

Dr. Rajat is doing an excellent job towards creating a world around us which is sustainable for our future generations and puts all his hard work in striking the core issues relating to climate change. He is definitely going to be a one of the pioneers who brought about the change they promised.

Dr. Kritika Mathur

Scientist-B (Medical), ICMR - DHR, New Delhi, Sarbaz Solh Ambassador

Dr. Rajat Sharma, a great leader who is relentlessly and selflessly working in the direction of the achievement of SDGs for India. Motivating others also for the same. I wish him all the good luck and support in his noble endeavours.


Ambassador of Peace "Global Peace Let, Ph.D. (USA)

Dr. Rajat Sharma, in addition to his main gifts and knowledge resulting from experience and studies, represents a model to be followed for ability, concreteness, and problem-solving. His availability, associated with an innate cordiality, represents a facilitating element for both real and virtual relationships on Linkedin. In addition to the validity of the contents published by him, we are united by the interest he has in achieving the 17SDG.

Gratien Mukeshimana

Dr Rajat is a great leader , he has a great vision , the world will learn a lot from you , he will help many people around the world , I worked with him on 28 Credentials of entrepreneur , his contribution is wonderful and will impact many people and inspire them

Mario Verissimo Horta Lopes

Chairman CEO of the Climate Way.CZ Unity of Africa. Board

Dr Rajat Sharma is the soul of India people with his sense of justice and vision. We share the same dream of one people in a common house.

Prof. (Dr.) Bodhisatva Acharya


I’m so proud to tell you all with an immense pleasure that it’s been always a great pleasure to be associated with a person like Dr. Rajat Sharma. He kept inside such a great Leadership approach in his attitude and his appreciations and advice always been means a lot for those who are near to him. He is a true Inspiration-mate and great Motivator. My Meeting with Him is the best part of my life so far. He has have given me so many reason to look forward to each day and same I hope that he always has a reason never to stop by believing in himself. I admire His Selfless Efforts towards this Beautiful Planet through UNACCC to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

JMV Josune Moneo Viloria

BIOvirtual Intuitive Listener&Visionary. Patience Expert. SDG Strategist

As collaborator of Dr. Rajat Sharma I can say that he is really actively working for the achievement of the 17SDG and his initiative of generation of a young army of SDG Warriors is truly powerful and inspiring. I hope we can see it spreading worldwide and becoming a wave of active collaboration and cooperation towards a human future of stable Sustainability

Ritesh Saxena

Aspire to pursue Leadership Roles in Systemic, Policy, Technological

I am glad that Rajat Ji you are putting up great institutional efforts in India on sustainable development addressing largely about the people in India, their well-being, and equity in their relationships with each other, economic and social stability. I am sure under your leadership the UNACCC.ORG council can provide a framework for strategic planning, policy review, and action for sustainable development – for economic progress, social justice and inclusion, protection of the climate, environment, and biodiversity, and ensuring no one is left behind.

Bashiru Aremu

Vice Chancellor, UNESCO Laureate, USA

Dr. Rajat Sharma is a Leading Entrepreneur, Very Actively Associate with World Leading 60+ Social and Political Organisation, Concerned to Sustainable Development Goal, Humanitarian, Human Rights , Labour Welfare , Global Ambassador for the Same International Organisations, Visited 40+Countries. Have 35 Yrs Experience, Working World leading Distinguished Personalities. have 11.5 Millions Networking, Connecting, followers Including world 185 Countries Intellectual Educationist Beaurocrates Parliamentarian Researcher Scientist Corporate Industrialists Media Dignitieries.

Ashoo Kalra

Academician, Education Management, Managing Director- Edutiative Services

One has to be consistent while following one’s dreams. Rajat ji, with his perseverance, hard work, dedication and commitment has emerged as a perfect example for others to follow in pursuit of achieving their goals. His leadership and tireless efforts towards a noble cause inspire all